Always be available for your guests with the digitized room service from Yoordi
Your hotel at the pulse of time

Offer your guests the convenience of digital ordering options

Order directly to the room or pre-order breakfast or dinner. Give your guest the option to choose and book from the comfort of his room with room service. Either charge immediately or book the amount to the room number.

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Scan, browse the menu, order and pay. Soon you'll be able to order room service as easily as that.

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Increase your profit with a digital menu
Increase your profit with a digital menu
Flexibly implement Yoordi solutions

Let your guest order in the room or in the restaurant

You can use a different module in each area of your hotel. For example, your guests can order and pay directly in their room or in the bar, while ordering and paying later in the restaurant.

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Save time with less phone service

Optimally relieve your employees with Yoordi

Since the orders from the room run directly via the QR code, you no longer need to take orders over the phone. Your staff can easily determine through the QR code the room in which the order was placed.

Keep control over all orders

With the Kitchen Display, your staff can keep track of orders at all times.

The Kitchen Display can be used individually at each station, so that your staff is always informed about the incoming orders at their given station. This makes it easy to keep track of orders and to deactivate a sold-out product from the menu.

All sales in your MCP

Keep all key figures in one place

Yoordi's MCP is easily accessible to you online from anywhere. This way you can easily keep an eye on your hotel's daily accounts, menus and key figures at any time and from anywhere.

Easy to integrate into your existing environment

Yoordi supports many integrations and can be easily integrated into your environment.

Thanks to many cash register interfaces, you can easily integrate Yoordi into your daily business operations without having to change anything for you or your accounting department. Yoordi simply appears as another service employee in your POS system.

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All advantages at a glance

Developed together with restaurateurs

Easy to integrate

Yoordi can be easily integrated into your POS. For you and your accounting, everything remains the same.

Always up to date

Deactivate a sold-out product or create menus with time filters - your menu is always up-to-date.

Custom QR codes

Scanned, ordered directly in the room, bar or restaurant. You can use Yoordi individually everywhere in your hotel.

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Automated Tip

More tips thanks to the integrated tip calculator. Simply define the preset percentage yourself.

Time filter

Always offer the perfect offer at the right time. Simply create time filters for seasonal or lunch offers.


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